Saturday, 29 November 2008

Recent flury of sketchbook work, been out and about drawing people, Been trying to work in differnt media. pen, graphite, chinagraph and some water colour. While i was sketching the other day i was asked if what i was doing was illegal??? drawing people, i said im sure that it isnt lol but it has made me curious. :S


Was trying to go back to just looking at lines in
a pose, gesture and character
For those of you who may know my cats, you know they sleep in very strange positions! they are extremely hard to draw lol

Some sketches working in orange and blue pencil,

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Been people sketching in a cafe nero near me, it amazes me how its always busy but thats good i guess heehee, also try their chai latte its amazing :P

Quick 5 min sketch in the park in Pinner

Hey, i've startedto do some self portraits again as usual i seem sad or pouty but oh well lol, from life 30 mins for pencil 0 mins for pastel one.