Wednesday, 29 April 2009

lasso doodle

ever tired just using the lasso tool and fill to do a doodle? well here's nayi hehe

the scary thing is that shes that big compared to a normal carrot!

Off to Shanghai!

only a few hours till i get the train :D

Friday, 17 April 2009


I think because i have been drawing rough storyboards in tiny little rectangles for as long as i can remember, i really want to pick up a brush and attack a canvas! :D but at the moment i haven't got the materials, so I've been practicing on painter instead.

you may think blue for a kiss? maybe a bit cold. But i was trying to portary something i was feeling as i was painting. A sense of perfectness. The moment you become lost in a kiss it feels like it's the only thing happening, creating passion but also a sense of peace wrapped in your lovers arms.

sorry for the artsy stuff :P

Bus Memories

First of all i apologise for the quality, i had to take these off my camera phone and its not as good as a scanner, but alas the scanner was busy so this will have to do. The bus to work is just too damn bumpy, so i cant draw on it, its really annoying because There is some great faces there. What I've been trying to do is try and remember a face. So when i get into the studio i try sketching it out. useful as a warm up sketch. Here's a few from the past few days

lunch doodles

Been really busy at work, too much to do! so havent been having a lot of time to do any drawings, sad sad times :( heres a couple of lunch time doodles

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Red loves Yellow

This is my first attempt at using painter hehe its quite fun!