Sunday, 17 April 2011

Pepper sketchin

These sketches of Pepper are a little old. Need to try and sketch her more.

Sketch dump


Random mish mash of sketchbook people and a random wall feature thrown in there.

Luxembourg Sketch Crawl

I,ve put my images up on the Luxembourg sketchcrawl blog, Please check it out. It was a really good crawl yesterday, good turnout too.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Torch Fire

Short loop animation of a fire on a torch.

I had a play around with some of the filters in toonboom. Its amazing what some glow and blur filters can do! theres a mixture of the two filters using different alpha levels and intensities.

  Trying to add more heat to the fire is always a must but I dound it interesting just how different the filters could make the FX look and how many re-use possibilities there could be. I like a couple of the really blurry versions on the top. It could be a useful technique for adding depth to a shot. 

Big Bada Boom!

The mother firework hehehe. This was really fun to animate.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


So, last night I went to see 'Rio' from Blue Sky studios. The main thing I liked about the film was how colourful it was, all of the different birds and the environments were stunning. The film had a good sense of design and the story, staging was strong. I was laughing for ages at one of the support characters voiced by, especially for the line 'birds vs monkeys!' The only downer I had from it was it all seemed to wrap up a little too quickly at the end, but I guess the story was over and there was no need to dwell on what happens next. 

I would definately recommend seeing it. Even in !3D! lol

Monday, 11 April 2011

Fire work go Boom!

Had great fun animating this! Will try and upload some more fx soon, looking forward to putting a reel together soon too.

Water FX

This is a compilation of different water FX that i've animated recently. Its a mixture of impact, bubbles and different types of water splashes. Really big thanks to Chris Graf for his help with the larger water splashes.

Smoke FX

This is a compilation of some smoke fx (impact and projected) I have been working on.Animated in Toonboom.

Fire FX

So I've been working as an FX animator since last September, im gonna post a few samples of some stuff i've been working on recently starting with this fire cycle. Animated in Toonboom.  I tried adding some glow to give the fire some more heat.

Gill is a zombie

Gill turns into a zombie when she plays zombie games, is thats strange?? Dead Rising 2 great game though.

old zoo post

Me and Gill went to Saabrucken Zoo back in February! Major delay in posting these sketches, but there up now. Was a great day, really nice Zoo with  lots of cool animals. Had great fun drawing the Gorillas, the silver back was such a poser!