Friday, 30 July 2010

flash praticing

I'm trying out different things in Flash, trying to learn from the basics up. So this is a test i was working on last night using simple motion tweens, and a little straight ahead animation. :P

Flash Test

Penquin Flash Test from Matt Timms on Vimeo.

As im a traditionally trained animator, I've been trying to learn how to animate in flash. This is a test i was working on recently.

Sketches in Barcelona

Im currently working at Accio animation studio in Spain as a cleanup artist/assistant. I've been getting out on the weekends into Barcelona center and doing some much needed sketching. Heres a collection of some so far.

Im off on a sketchcrawl tomorrow so expect a lot more soon.

sketchbook stuff - Luxembourg and Paris

Haven't posted anything on blogger for ages! again! I will defo try and upload images more often. This is a montage of some sketches whilst i was in Paris and Luxembourg.