Sunday, 26 July 2009

Charcoal Sketchin!

I love using charcoal, anyone thats knows me from uni will know this. Its awesome to sculpt while you draw.

self portrait - 30 mins

garden sketch

Friday, 17 July 2009

As i went on about painter while posting my work from china, thought I would practice. love the square chalk.

More concept work

These are some more environment concepts for the first act. All done on painter, once again great program. The first 3 are concepts for the environment and moments in the film and the 4th image is an action concept for the main character.

Story Concepts

Later on in the production I got the chance to create some story concept images, which was really fun. Was trying out Painter as i haven't had a lot of experience in it. It really is a brilliant piece of software, If you get the chance to have a go on it definately take advantage of it.
Anyways this is a process of a concept i did for the first act in the film.

some more character designs

These are some more character designs. I was a storyboard artist on the film, so didnt have much time to design characters. What I did manage to do was fun. These are some different ideas I had for a tramp in the film.

Character Design in China

While i was storyboarding at Glory and Dream Studio, I also manageed to try some cahracter design. I tended to put down some basic designs for some of the characters that were in the boards but at the time were undeveloped. These designs were not used for the final designs of the characters, but i like to think that at least they opened up some ideas for the characters.

New York Cop

Skanky Sewer Cat

Friday, 3 July 2009


Image i drew for art jumble this week.

an embrace...


The other night i ending a conversation with a friend of mine by saying " cool cakes, see ya" At first i thought, did i actually just say that, thats kinda weird. Anyways i drew these after i said it, and im now going to try and use it all the time.


The best cat in the world!

Juggling and Wimbledon

The tennis this week has been pretty awesome! Shame Murray went out but was a good match. So yea a lot of my week has been watching tennis and practicing juggling, with some drawing thrown into the mix of course.
quick mid game sketches, these guys move pretty fast.

observational of my juggling balls

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Cirkus Spektakular

I've recently made a new blog page dedicated to my graduation film Cirkus Spektakular! Co-directed by me Sean McCormack and Gillian Reid. It is a 2D animated short film about a travelling circus.

check it out!