Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hey everyone, it's been a long, long time since I blogged anything (excluding the 2 posts earlier tonight of course) but anyways 2 months is a long time and its mainly due to this!!

 I teamed up with Laurent Rossi to do the FX on this Street Fighter homage. It was a really amazing project to work on and I had loads of fun. Animating all the fireballs and explosions is an area of FX that I havent had a chance to work with before and it really cool! So I did all the FX animation and Mr Rossi did the character animation, BG, colouring and compositing! Pretty much everything else, this guy is a machine, go check out his blog!

This is a progression reel of the project.


at the end of September I will be bringing my animation time in Luxembourg to and end. I've been living here for almost a year and have had a great time working in TV animation. Im going to be moving back to London to work as an FX animator on the 2nd series of 'The Amazing World of Gumball!'

Im so excited and really cant wait to start working on such an amazing series! Its going to be soo much fun!!

I will try and post up more often (at least once a month?... maybe)

thanks for stopping by



L ROSSI said...

Awesome work again Dude!
Absolute pleasure to work with someone so dedicated as yourself.
Hope you have an awesome time at CN - maybe try and sneak a few Hadokens into Gumball :P -
Catch you soon,

Gillibean said...

This looks amazing! You worked so hard on it but it was all worth it! What a talent!

Joel said...


L told me to come on over and ask you some questions. Hope its ok.

I tried to get a little info on how he created the little animation you worked on together.

I am a animator/designer for a little indie game company (not much but called and I have dabbled with the idea of creating some anime inspired flash animation, but never thought it possible. I looked and looked and finally you guys did this awesome production. So I do know its possible.

He gave me some hints on how to do this, but I don't understand how you were able to get all the fx done in flash, and then composited together in after effects. He basically used some PNG sequence. But how did you go about creating the stuff? Hand drawn, image sequences? Plus, the color palette in FLASH is sooooo difficult to keep consistent. How do you work around this? I hope you don't mind me coming here and messing with your stuff. I appreciate any help you can offer.

Mukpuddy said...

Wow, nice work dude! We made a Street Fighter inspired short ourselves a wee while ago...

Matt Timms said...

@Rossi Cheers! you never know, im sure there will be some hadokens in the show!

@Gill :) Thanks for your constant encouragement, it helped me complete PG.


Hey questions arnt a problem. All of the FX in the short were hand drawn frame by frame, so no symbols or tweening at all! and i animated the FX in random solid colours for the animation so i could see them more clearly for the timing. Then i handed them back to Laurent and he did the final colour, i think just replaceing the colour in flash then exporting a png sequence.


cheers for watching and thanks for visiting my blog! I checked out your short it was cool, liked the designs

Ems said...

awesome!!! you can tell you love FX :) I'm sure you'll have a blast on gumball!

Mark Tompkins said...

looks awesome Matt, you did a great job

Daniel Ernst said...

Hey Matt,

Great power and fluidity in your FX work in the short. I really liked the FX in street fighter IV and this short hadoukened me away!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt! This is REALLY cool! Congrats to you and Laurent! :-)
ps: I'm glad you liked what you saw on my blog!

Matt Timms said...

@Ems and Mark, thanks!

@Daniel, glad you liked the short and thanks for looking at my blog.

@Adrian, thanks for stopping by and of course i like the work on your blog, how couldnt i, its awesome

josiah said...

WHOooaAAAAaaaaaa! Awesome!!!!

... MaX said...

Brilliant work Matt! I can see a lot of hard work went into this. You're super talented dude! Look forward to seeing more of your stuff.