Monday, 20 June 2011

Grenadine and Mentalo

Hey everyone, so at the moment im inbetween projects here in Luxembourg. Looking forward to starting work as a character animator in July!  Will be a scary change from FX work but I plan to keep up personal FX animation in my own time. 
At the moment im working on improving my drawing skills, i've been reading Force: Dynamic life drawing for animators, which is a brilliant book, really great! Im also working on some FX stuff for a project with a friend of mine Laurent Rossi. Please check out his blog!

and lastly this is a teaser for the series I just finished working on as an FX animator, I was pretty much the only FX guy on the series and it was a hard journey but I learnt so much and got to animate so many cool things that i've never tried before. Looking forward to seeing it on TV soon.

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