Sunday, 19 June 2011

New Scanner!

So its been a week since Annecy and i also jsut bought a new scanner so....... these are the scans of my some of my Annecy sketches lol!


Nicola Coppack said...

wow!! i like all of them but the 4th page and 5th page ones are my favourite, fantastic! love them! i think that dvd you and gill have is really doing the trick! jeeeeealous! I want my copy in the post to get here sooner! damn snail mail.

Hope your well! =>

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Matt!
Just wanted to say thanks for the password for your reel.... Man, your stuff is bloody brilliant!!
You have come along so far!! Its very impressive!!
Im sure some company will snap you up in no time!!
I will certainly put your name forward if i hear of any one looking for an FX man!!
Looks like you had a blast in ol Annecy!!
Awwww, i haven't been for sooo long!! i miss it!
Maybe next year!!
Hope you are keeping well?
All the best to you and Gill!
PS, i really like your final image in this post.
Also, your Anncey building sketches look very familiar.... makes me wanna go there even more.... RiGHT NOW! :P

Matt Timms said...

@Nicola -thanks :) The DVD is really good! But ive been reading the Force life drawing book and that been really inspiring! you should check it out!

@ Tori - cheers! I've had pretty good feedback on my FX stuff which is awesome and thanks for thinking of me :D FX work is quite rare so any help is wicked!

Annecy was really good, we hadnt been since 3rd year so it was good to get back and fail at making paper airplanes.